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6 Ways the NBA’s Adoption of Virtual Reality Is a Marketing Slam Dunk

I recently came across an article in a recent issue of Bloomberg Business that discussed a recent move by the NBA to embrace...

Friday the 13th: Best Reads of the Week

Does Friday the 13th bother you or is it just another day? Some people (my own mother included!) actually consider it a LUCKY...

Why Smart Marketers Get Retargeting Help

Is being smart about Internet advertising knowing everything there is to know about setting up and running your campaigns, or...

What You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing and the FTC

The Federal Trade Commission, recognizing that more and more people are using social media to find products and services (and...

3 Things Every Marketer Should Know About Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are relatively new and an incredibly powerful tool for marketers to get more impressions - ultimately turning a...

Instagram Now Integrates with Hootsuite

There have been some exciting new things happening in the world of social media, so let's cut straight to the chase!


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