Does Friday the 13th bother you or is it just another day? Some people (my own mother included!) actually consider it a LUCKY day for them! Well, if you think it's a day to stay inside with the blinds drawn, we think you should at least have some good articles to read and at least beef up your knowledge!The best articles that we read this week!

5 Social Media Productivity Tips for Busy Professionals

I've said it many times—social media is something that can suck every minute out of your day if you let it. And I'm not talking about scrolling thru your Facebook feed, either. These 5 ideas can help tame the time involved in running your social media presence.

Matt Cutts: Google Released Their “Secret Sauce” With TensorFlow, Machine Learning System

Google is actually releasing its own code... making their machine learning program "TensorFlow" an open source for the world to learn and share. Way to go, Google! Caring is Sharing!

Google has 3.8 million GB of our photos (at least)

Google Photos has only been out for 5 months and has 3,720 terabytes of pictures and videos!  This is a great article to put into perspective how much data that really is.

Live Already: Google RankBrain, Query Interpretation Using Artificial Intelligence

Google's new RankBrain is a query being used to better guess what a human may try to search for—almost borderline beginnings of AI.

Johnsonville & Uber present: The Sausage Nonnas

I'm cheating a little bit on this next one, but I loved this new ad from Johnsonville Sausage so much that I had to include it. What makes it special? They teamed up with two hot commodities, Uber and Tiny Houses, to make it an endearing, feel-good ad that makes me wish I had an Italian Grandma.


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