Retargeting_helpIs being smart about Internet advertising knowing everything there is to know about setting up and running your campaigns, or is it figuring out where to turn for help? When it comes to retargeting ads—those that are displayed to searchers again after they’ve left your website—the latter is almost always the better choice. While there certainly isn’t anything stopping you from going out and arranging your own retargeting campaigns (through Google or other internet advertising providers), there are lots of reasons to get expert help.

Here are a few of the reasons savvy marketers are turning to agencies like ours to set up and manage their retargeting campaigns:

Getting Help With Retargeting Saves Time

Even after configuring and optimizing ads for dozens of clients, putting a retargeting campaign in place still takes agencies a lot of time and effort. That’s because these projects have a lot of moving parts, and getting the details right is critical if we are going to achieve conversions without wasting significant portions of our clients’ marketing budgets.

By trying to achieve the same kinds of results on your own, you will need to spend hours learning how different platforms and advertising systems work. Those are hours you could spend running your company, which is usually the best (and most profitable) use of your time.

You’ll Spend Less on Ads in the Long Run

The big reason some business owners and executives don’t want to work with vendors who are experienced with retargeting ads, of course, is that getting help costs money. Additionally, there are possibly minimum budgets that an internet marketing firm will require before they will take on your campaigns.

Both of those concerns are valid, but the fact of the matter is that, by getting expert help, you’ll actually spend less on retargeting ads in the long run. That’s partly because the ads placed by your agency will be more targeted and with higher quality scores—meaning that less of your budget is being wasted. You’ll achieve a bigger return; the higher ROI will offset the differences in upfront costs.

Online Advertising Is All About Adjustments

Successfully utilizing internet advertising—and especially retargeting campaigns – is all about making adjustments, both major and minor, as you go along. That’s something most business people don’t have the time, experience, or patience to do.

If you simply set up your retargeting ads and then forget about them, you are virtually guaranteed to start losing money in a hurry. It’s critical to have someone watching over your campaigns and optimizing them to account for changes in traffic patterns, competitor bidding, conversion rates, costs, and so on.

Just because you can set up your own retargeting online ads doesn’t mean you should. If you’re looking to save time, achieve the biggest returns, and keep your advertising up-to-date, find an experienced web marketing team you can trust to help you manage the process.


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