If you're not learning, you're falling behind! Here are our top 5 articles that our team read during the week!!

what were the best blog posts this week?

Popular Websites You Didn’t Know Started as Blogs

The article even makes the statement how blogs are still not taken seriously. I've actually stopped referring to my personal sites as “blogs” to people who I know don't understand the concept and, instead, just say something like "an article on my site." But did you know that the most popular sites that you probably visit daily or weekly actually got their "start" as a little blog that could"? (from Kristen)

With Sway, Microsoft Reimagines Presentations For The Post-Powerpoint Generation

Great overview of Microsoft's new presentation tool, Sway. It's semiautomatic with regard to formatting (which means I am unlikely to use it much), but it is also targeted to a different market than Powerpoint is. Looks interesting—definitely worth trying! (from Adrienne)

Social Business: Employee Advocacy Programs Gaining Interest

Good overview of the leading external social strategy objectives stated for the year among larger companies. Surprisingly (to me, anyway), employee advocacy actually out-ranked social customer support as a top-3 external strategy. Big shift. Check out the article for more! (from Adrienne)

Search Analytics in Google Webmaster Tools

Mobile search has now surpassed PC search in 10 countries. Google has added a new search analytics tool in Google Webmaster Tools to help answer how this affects your site. (from Erinn)

Repurpose Content: A Test and the Results

SpinSucks is a blog that I read every day, and I will confess to being a little confused when I went to comment on a couple of posts and noticed that they were actually old posts. Did Gini take a vacation? Did she and her whole team go on an Outbound Excursion team-building trip? Gini revealed the reason behind the week of repeat posts (test, not vacay) and you will want to see what the results of her "test" was. (from Kristen)



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