Social Media Marketing Hard Truths for Businesses, #5

Social Media Marketing Engagement

As we conclude this series of The Five Hard Truths of Using Social Media to market your business, we'll look at an odd reality. As I've mentioned, social media marketing is a moving target with new platforms launching, changing, and exiting—daily. Despite this rapidly changing environment, there are some MUSTS about Social Media use for growing your business. Here’s the last in my series of short-serious- unfiltered-truthful facts. If last week’s post about blogging for business didn't scare you off, let’s move on to #5.

#5. Engagement! You will have to communicate with your clients/customers. As strange as it may seem, the fear of engaging clients and prospects in a public forum is one of the most common reasons management hesitates to use social media marketing. "What if they say something bad or unfair?" is often the question. I know it's scary at first—the idea of actually having a public conversation with real human beings about your brand—and you MUST! Engagement via social media is not only part of the use of Social Media, it’s THE biggest single marketing differentiator of social media marketing. If you venture into the Social Media space thinking you can simply broadcast content and information, you’re in for a lonely, quiet—hear the crickets—journey. If you are concerned about having to handle negative or rogue comments, consider the disadvantages of having those comments and conversations going on without you. They will. Embrace the idea of transparency and plan to engage people, inviting their opinions and ideas if you want to succeed in the Social Media space. Get social on social media.

That wraps up this "5 Hard Truths about Social Media" list. There are, no doubt, other musts for businesses that seek to successfully utilize Social Media—what are yours?


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