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What Google’s All-or-Nothing Approach to Links Means to You

Search engine optimization is changing, and quickly, but that’s not really news. Most would agree that even business owners...

Why Call to Action is Important for Marketing
Call to Action

I had a conversation with a client today about a direct mail campaign he was interested in doing. The mock-up...

The Gift Guide for Your Office Staff

' Tis the season to be celebrating and giving, and I thought it would be insightful (and fun!) to ask each of our team...

5 Questions to Ask Social Media Management Companies

In last week's post, I wrote about the wide variety of companies now offering social media management services and the need to...

Website Design and Entrepreneurs
Website Design and Entrepreneurs... Oh My!

Starting a new business? Getting serious about ramping up an existing business?...

No Translation Needed: Simple Customer Feedback, Swedish Style

This past month I took a trip to Sweden to visit my husband's family. There are lots of great things about Sweden that I...


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