Weekly Round-Up for the week of July 17th

As a team, we consume a lot of information and read a lot of articles in order to stay on top of the latest news and trends. We thought we'd share some of the best of the best that we read, and perhaps you will find some good information, too!the best of what atlantic webworks read this week

Most everyone realizes now that in order to get your message seen on your Facebook page, you need to spend a little bit of money. But a change that was made by Facebook this week looks like it will make it more logical and affordable to do that! "Engagement clicks, or user interactions which take place on Facebook such as comments, likes, and shares will no longer count towards your costs." (From Kristen)

Going Beyond Moz Metrics to Answer: "Why is This Site Outranking Me?"

There is no way to predict or control Google and how it perceives or scores a site. We can do the very best we can to tell Google how good our own site is and follow Google's ever changing rules to stay ahead of the pack. Understand that there are major changes happening even now: one of them being "Mobile Geddon" which is literally occurring now (April 21).  Unfortunately, SEO is a slow cruise ship on the ocean of life, not a speed boat; it takes a little patience to see that our playing by the rules gets rewarded. (From Erinn)

50+ Awesome WordPress Shortcuts to Boost Your Productivity

When adding content to a WordPress site, formatting can be half the battle. The WP Explorer Blog has a great list of WordPress shortcuts that can help save time and energy. (From Matt)

What Really Is the Best Blog Post Length?

Anyone who blogs will wonder about this at some point. And this is the answer: it depends—some say 1,000 words or more, and others say 300-500 words. What really matters is this: how many words does it take to get your point across? (From Kristen)

Remember the pizzeria that was feeding the homeless? See what happened when you shared their story.

This post does two things: it's a feel-good post of a Philly business paying it forward, and the other thing is that it shows you the power that social media CAN have. If you're not familiar with the story of Rosa's, make sure you watch the video, and if you're a marketer, be sure to read the article to see what kind of impact this has had on their business. (From Kristen)


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