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Are Likes and Shares Really Good Metrics?

Internet marketers readily agree social media is important… but when it comes to figuring out how important, or how to...

Are You Using SEO and Digital Marketing Together?

“A business website can’t survive on search engine optimization alone.”

How Much SEO Is Too Much SEO?

In working with clients on content development, we inevitably come to the question of how to search optimize their copy....

Why Google’s Mobile-Friendly Website Test Misses the Point

Back in April, Google instituted a new, sweeping change in its search algorithms: websites that were mobile-compatible would...

Three Important Web Content Questions Answered

Clients tend to have a lot of questions about web content. That’s good, because the writing on your website isn’t just...

Keeping Your Website Visible: Four Ways SEO Is Changing

Having a great website which ranks high in the search engines is important, especially in today’s competitive business...


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