Blogposts3Clients tend to have a lot of questions about web content. That’s good, because the writing on your website isn’t just important for attracting Google’s attention, it’s also necessary to make your website informative and persuasive.

But, where should that content come from? And how much of it do you need?

Today, we want to give you a few simple answers to these popular questions:

#1 How often should we post to our blog?

In a perfect world, you would post something new to your blog every day. That would show Google, and actual readers, that you have lots of new fresh ideas that are being published on a regular basis.

That’s not realistic for most marketers, though. When in doubt, aim for adding new content to your blog at least once a week. That should be enough to keep the conversation going without burying you under endless writing deadlines.

#2 Is it a bad idea to use a ghostwriter for our blog?

Not at all. The key to great content is quality. You may find that the easiest way to ensure quality, volume, and consistency within your blog is to work with a ghostwriter. But, you don’t want just anyone with a keyboard to do the job.

Remember that your blog isn’t just for SEO; it’s also part of your branding and conversion efforts. If you’re going to work with a writer, choose one who knows your company and industry (or will take the time to research important topics) and who has a clean, professional writing style.

#3 Does static web content need to be professionally written?

At the very least, you should have a professional copywriter edit your static web pages. These will receive more traffic and attention than your blog posts, so it’s important that they be clear and drive visitors to take action.

Remember—fresh, interesting, and persuasive web content is the fuel that keeps your search engine optimization and Internet marketing engine roaring forward. Whether you’re using a professional writer or generating content in-house, make sure that your messages coming through loud and clear!


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