Super Bowl 50

Surprise! Super Bowl 50 is this weekend, and even if you're not a football fan, if you live in the Carolinas, you can't help but be a little excited because the Panthers are in it! In my house, I pull for the Cowboys, and my husband is a die-hard Eagles fan, but even we will be watching for more than just the ads. Say what you will about the Panthers, but they play with heart, and as much as I'd love Peyton Manning to end his amazing career with a win, I want to see our home state team win more.

Which Super Bowl 50 ads are we looking forward to?

Super Bowl 50 Ads

Speaking of ads! This is always one of my favorite posts to put together because I love watching the ads that are released early (yes... I used to refuse to partake, but I'm older and wiser now), seeing what the ad agencies are coming up with (and at a price tag of $5,000,000 for 30 seconds, it better be amazing), and debate with myself which one will be the fan favorite. So, without further ado, here are the ads that are my favorites leading into the big game.

Honda Ridgeline

It has all the elements... singing animals, good looking cowboy/farmer, and one of the greatest songs of all time by Queen -"Somebody to Love."

The Bud Light Party

It's only a teaser of what's to come, but with Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan as political "parties," it can only be great. Plus, Anheuser-Busch is known for the epic Super Bowl commercials they put out. (Hashtag #BudLightParty)

Snickers Happy Birthday Mr. Super Bowl

Remember last year's ads with Danny Trejo and the Brady Bunch parody? The "You're Not You When You're Hungry" campaign? Snickers is back with that this year, but instead of the Brady Bunch, we get a parody of a very gruff-sounding Marilyn Monroe singing "Happy Birthday Mr. Super Bowl." Let's hope the Snickers gives us the Marilyn we love so dearly.

Amazon Echo

This is worth mentioning for two reasons:  1) Amazon has never advertised in the Super Bowl, and 2) Full Twitter campaign to follow along (#BaldwinBowl). The focus here is on Amazon's Echo and Alec and Dan's quest to have the ultimate party.

Skittles "The Portrait"

Every time I see Steven Tyler, I wonder how he's still alive. But I'm glad he is because he's arguably one of the best musicians of all time. But what happens when you make a portrait of him out of Skittles?? (Hashtag #SkittlesArt)

Heinz Ketchup

Again... cute animals for the win. But not just ANY cute animals... weiner dogs dressed up as, well, weiners! Note the age-appropriateness of the costumes from the oldest guy in the classic glass bottle to the little kid in the ketchup packet. (Hashtag -  #MeetTheKetchups)

Other Notables

Some brands are keeping their actual ads under wraps while teasing the content. Taco Bell will announce a new product in their Super Bowl ad which they announced in this "press release":

Taco Bell press release

NFL Super Bowl Babies

I was not too kind with the NFL's domestic violence campaign last year. It felt contrived, forced, and completely insincere. I think their hearts were in the right place, but it just left a really bad taste in mine and a lot of other peoples' mouths. Apparently someone took note, because this year, they're going for domestic BLISS and are paying homage to all the kids that were born in winning cities 9 months after the Super Bowl. Cute.

Squarespace - Key & Peele Live Commentary of "The Game"

Comedians, Key & Peele, will be giving live commentary of the Super Bowl with one caveat—they can't call it the Super Bowl and will refer to it using other words—like "the game." This could be the perfect solution for people like me who are double screening the entire time until the ads come on. (Hashtag - #RealTalk)

Hashtag Use

Is this really considered "notable" anymore? I would say that at least 80% of ads have a corresponding hashtag linked to their spots and with good reason—at $5,000,000 for every 30 seconds, they want to get all the juice out of it that they can.

Which ads are you most excited about?


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