Here we are at week 3 of Operation Video (it's not really called that, but it feels like it at this point!), and I've covered why video is important for your business. I've also given you 7 tips to get you motivated to actually do it. This week, I'm cutting straight to the chase and giving you 10 easy ideas that you can use TODAY to record your first video. Choose one, two, or all of them, but do yourself and your business a favor—pick one and get down to business!

10 Video Ideas to Get You Started

  1. Make an announcement - Have something big or even not so big happening in your company? Make the announcement using video and get everyone excited about the news.
  2. Film a customer testimonial - The next time you ask your customer for a testimonial, take it one step further and ask if you can get it on video.
  3. Introduce your staff - This falls under the "increase employee engagement" umbrella. Your staff works hard for you; shouldn't you showcase the work they're doing and how important they are to your success?
  4. Film a “how-to” tip - Whether it's how to use your products or services or even sharing your industry knowledge, "how-to" videos are the top most searched videos on YouTube.
  5. Show how to use your product(s) - If you have a product that has instructions, make a video on how to use it. No one likes to read instructions, and they'll appreciate a visual walk-through on how your product works.
  6. Interview someone at a conference you're attending - Almost all of us attend conferences and trade shows to either get better at what we're doing or to showcase our products and services. Seek out your industry's leaders and do a quick Q&A video with them while you're at the conference. It's good for both parties involved!
  7. Reveal a new product or service - Have a new product launching? You can create a whole series of videos leading up to it! From a behind-the-scenes shoot to a teaser video that something BIG! is coming to the actual product launch, you'll generate more interest and buzz with video!
  8. Tell your company story - Everyone has a story—including companies. This idea lends well to a couple of different videos: a shorter one that can be used on social sites and a longer, more detailed one that can be used on your actual website.
  9. Recap a blog post - Go through all the blog posts that you have written, and see if there are ones that you can repurpose into a video.
  10. Answer your most frequently asked questions - The FAQ section of your website is always a content goldmine. Go through each and every one of them and make a video (or blog post, or both!) because, if it's important enough to be on your site, it's important enough to have a video dedicated to it.

There are SO many more ideas I have for generating ideas on what kind of videos to shoot that I will revisit and give you more later! Until then, I'd love to see what video you were inspired to shoot!


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