YouTube Celebrates 10 Years!



Did you know that YouTube turned TEN this year?! Can you even imagine a day without it now? Where would you go to find stupid pet trick videos and an endless stream of "how-to" videos?

Here are some interesting facts about our favorite video source that you may or may not know:

  • Eleven months after it launched, Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion dollars.
  • The site now has over one billion users/viewers—most who access the site on their mobile devices.
  • The video with the most comments? It's Justin Bieber's "Baby" which has almost 7 million comments to date.
  • It's estimated that in 2007, YouTube consumed as much bandwidth as the entire internet did in 2000.
  • The video, "Gangnam Style," by Psy was the first one to reach over one billion views and currently stands at over 2.2 billion views. But did you know, the video was so popular that it broke the view counter, and YouTube was forced to do an upgrade?
  • There has been more video uploaded to the site in one month than the three major US affiliates (ABC, CBS, NBC) have created in SIXTY YEARS.

In honor of its 10th anniversary, YouTube is currently letting you vote on which video you think has been the best over the years. Most of these are fairly recent, but there are a couple that date as far back as 2008.  We're listing the top picks here, and once you've watched them, head over to YouTube and vote for your favorite!! 


The Epic Split feat. Van Damme


Swagger Wagon

Our Blades are F***ing Great

The Force

Dear Kitten

Guys Backflip Into Jeans

A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square

Ship My Pants

Jeff Gordon: Test Drive

Real Beauty Sketches

Most Shocking Second a Day Video

The T-Mobile Dance

Winner Stays

Bad Breath Test - How to Tell When Your Breath Stinks

Like a Girl

First Kiss

Roller Babies

Puppy Love

Kobe vs. Messi: The Selfie Shootout

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like


So those are the finalists!! Don't forget to head over to YouTube and vote for your favorite!! 


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