If you read nothing else today, make sure you read these five articles that made us take notice. From our obsession with smartphones to outsourcing your marketing efforts, start your day off on the smart foot!

When Do Consumers Want to Hear From Retailers?what we're reading

Interesting results on when consumers want to hear from retailers. This is among the interesting finds: the desire to hear from retailers and e-commerce companies is generally higher among consumers with children in the household. Check out the other results in this article.

An Update on How We Tackle Hacked Spam

Google has noticed a huge amount of legitimate sites are being hacked, which leads to poor user experience. They are targeting these hacked sites with new algorithmic changes to remove these hacked sites from their search results, which could affect up to 5% of queries. May not sound like much, but it's all in an attempt to help weed out sites so we, the average user, don't click what we think is a good find only to see Chinese hacking symbols...

9 Reasons Why Outsourcing B2B Marketing Functions Can Increase Growth

Whether your company isn't large enough to justify a marketing department or you just need some help with key areas like strategy, outsourcing some or all of your social media is here to stay.

Photographer Captures the Eerie Reality of Our Smartphone Addiction

This is a bit of an eye opening portrayal of how pulled into our smartphones we really are. The artist captured seemingly normal people doing everyday things all with one thing in common—their eyes were glued to their smartphones. He then takes it one step further...

Why Generation Z  Are Deleting Their Social Media Accounts and Going Offline

I've disagreed with people for years on their theories that teens and millennials are using Facebook. It's not that they don't like to share—they are just choosy who they share with. Now they're starting to disappear off the grid altogether and embracing face-to-face relationships.




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