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Hope all of you had a fabulous Thanksgiving and are ready to take on the last month of the year. Who else has proclaimed, "Where did this year go?" at least ten times since the 1st of the month? I know I have! We know you're getting busy, so we want to make sure that you're bookmarking these awesome posts in your Pocket app so that you have something to read when you're standing in line or traveling for the holidays!


The One Social Media Rule ALL Businesses Should Follow.

You may think that getting locked out of your own social media sites is something bad horror movies are made of, but it's not. I have had to deal with trying to get access to a client's site from an employee who has left or an agency that has been removed, and trust me—it's not something you want to have to deal with.

Use Social Media as a Customer Service Platform This Holiday Season.

Here's a staggering statistic: 70% of the complaints that are sent using social media go unanswered. That's a lot of missed opportunity, and if you're not monitoring your brand, you could be part of that number. People are hitting the social waves more than ever to air their complaints or happiness during the holidays, so make sure you're prepared.

Google Changes Location Setting in Search Results.

Is Google changing the controls on where you can search? Notable SEO bloggers have noticed a change in how Google allows you to choose where you search: by no longer giving you the option to switch countries.

CMO.com’s Twelve Best “Brand Moments” Of 2015.

December always means end-of-year roundups and predictions for the next year. This is a roundup of the best moments for brands and includes great moments such as Barbie’s Girl Power Message, Burger King’s Peace Offering to McDonald’s, and GIFs appearing on Facebook just to name a few.

Facebook's Live-streaming Feature Isn't Just for Famous People Anymore.

Facebook doesn't want to miss a piece of the "live streaming" fun and made their version, Live, available to celebrities and news media a few months ago. Now they'll start letting the common folk in on the fun, and users will start to see the option on their smartphones soon! And no, I don't have it yet. :(

What great pieces did you read this week? We'd love to check them out and possibly share them next week!



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