Have You Given Up on Google Adwords?For every one or two companies that use Google AdWords search advertising profitably, there are probably a dozen others who tried it for a week or two and gave up.

That’s a shame because AdWords can be great for helping you to find targeted web traffic quickly. In order for that to happen, though, you often have to give it a few (painful?) weeks first.

Often, this is confusing because Google AdWords offers such sophisticated options and tracking that people assume they should get instant results. So why the delay? There are two reasons. The first is that AdWords tends to assign low quality scores to brand-new accounts and campaigns. In other words, they charge you more for each click, display your ads lower on a page, and show your marketing messages less often. This is because other new advertisers have done poorly, and Google doesn’t expect your ads to be great at the outset. If you can give it some time, though, and show the right results, your scores will seem to improve suddenly… almost overnight.

The second reason AdWords accounts start out slowly has to do with marketers themselves. They sometimes don’t realize that paid search traffic is slightly different from organic search traffic. (People who click on PPC ads often want fast answers and immediate buying options and don’t tailor their landing pages correctly.) Again, this can be quickly rectified with a little bit of trial-and-error.

Google AdWords PPC is a wonderful tool for generating leads and sales, but only if you give it enough time to work.


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